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Hooping Big Finish


Che’s “Big (Silly) Finish” video #hoopspiration from Instagram @hipthehoopla

5:45pm Yoga Melt (great 1/2 hour warm up, or just on it’s own), and 6:30pm Hip The Hoopla Power Hour for some fun on and off-body moves. Bring a friend for some social + physical fun. www.HipTheHoopla.com to pre-register with March Special: “ZENFOR10” for $10 yoga class, and “MELTANDHOOP” for $5 off the combo registration=2 classes for $20!



Humorous Hula Hoop Video Interlude

A minute of humor & hooping by Che’ Rippinger, founder of Hip The Hoopla. This little flow demo has laughter, goofy facial expression, belly dance, flexibility and silliness, all incorporated with the hula hoop dance. Please like (thumbs up), share this, subscribe to this channel and visit www.HipTheHoopla.com for more info and #Hoopspiration ♥

HELPFUL HOOP DANCE TIPS: Please warm up and cool down (head to toe!) to keep your body safe and hooping longer, hydrate, and take it sloooow! Make sure you have a nice dance posture: stand tall, shoulders back, chest and head lifted, abdominal wall in, pelvis tucked under and a slight bend in the knees. Dancer/Boxer feet–keep your weight shifted forward on the balls of your feet rather than resting back on your heels–easier for nimble movement. Try everything *without* the hoop first. Next, just hold the hoop and do the moves. Then get your fancier hoop moves in while coordinating with some basic stepping or fancy footwork dance combinations. Bring all you have to the table–your personal style, experience and sass! Stay positive and give yourself lots of credit for any and all progress! Keep a hoop notebook and take a couple of moments to write down tips and tricks that are helpful for you. Then review them right then and there, and a few minutes the next day…etc. You’ll be amazed at your progress! Please post how you are doing. Grab a buddy and stay accountable to another. And Please Share! Thanks So Much for watching! Subscribe to this channel here and our informative hoop circle news via e-mail at www.HipTheHoopla.com

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Attitude Is EVERYTHING! 3 Tips to Pop Your Best Prop: YOU!

Hip The Hoopla - Che Rippinger

Oh Snap — Attitude Is Everything! (by Che’ Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla)

Ever see a boring drag queen? Heck no, Honey! Know why? Because “Attitude Is EVERYTHING!”

There’s something really awesome about dancing with flow props: we get to hide behind the moving distraction of an object. It can be mesmerizing. But even the best attention-capturing pretty moves are rather limp noodles of lifeless effort, unless you put your personality and individual stamp on it. How you ask?

3 Quick and Easy Tips

to Boost Your Awesome Attitude,

Increase Your Stage Presence, & De-Stress:

1. When you mess up, make it look like you MEANT to do that! This is one of my favorite “tricks.” Own it. The good news: If you drop the prop, the people watching may just realize how challenging this stuff is, and how much practice it takes to make something look easy and effortless. Ha! If they only knew!

2. Smiles make everything brighter and lighter. Understandably not every piece of music or dance requires a plastered on fake smile, but it sure beats squishing up your visage into what I call my husband’s guitar solo, “Constipation Face.” And I am not immune to this foible–I find myself having to make a conscious effort to stop my own “Muppet Face” (strangely wrapping my lips over my teeth with a concentrated knit brow look like a Jim Henson puppet). Luckily, I weened myself off of “Michael Jordan Face” quite a while back (that’s the one with the tongue hanging out in utter focused “in-the-zone” movement).

3. Have some “mess-up” recovery moves practiced. If you know some pick up tricks when you drop your hoop, or something unplanned happens, it really helps with those awkward, “Oh-Crap-Now-What” moments.

***Bonus Tip #4*** “Fake it, til you make it.” I remember the fear of dropping my hoop during a performance. Well it happened…in front of all of my peers while under the big lights. In my mind it was a slow-motion catastrophe that seemed to last for an eternally long minute. When I looked back at the video, it was a mere split second of real time. And somehow, I kept spinning and swooped my hoop up and got right back into the dance. It didn’t feel very smooth like that from the stage, but I faked it, and apparently, it worked! (See Video below.)

In another scenario, I was in a big variety show and was just as surprised as the rest of the audience, when a professional belly dance friend’s top came undone on stage. Without missing a beat, she gracefully grabbed her goodies before all popped out, and whisked herself off stage. Before we knew it, she danced back on stage and finished beautifully–with her quickly-fixed top, back in tact. After the last beat, she did a playful self boob-grab, hit a double “thumbs-up” sign, winked and curtsied. Now that’s how you do attitude right!

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Che Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla at the Hooping Life Film Premiere

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Celebrating World Laughter Day with Hoops & Laughter Yoga


     So thrilled to be celebrating World Laughter Day on Sunday, May 3rd at The Spin Summit in Colorado Springs with what else…a chance to get your laugh on with Laughter Yoga! I look forward to getting you giggling!
~with hoop love Ché Rippinger ♥ Hip The Hoopla


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Also, please follow us on Facebook. We’re even on YouTube (with our own channel), Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Yelp.  To contact us for group classes, private coaching, premium service packages, VIP days, events, performances or custom professional dance hoops, please call 303-980-6295 or e-mail Che@HipTheHoopla.com.

Cracking the Whip: 3 Keys to Whippy Fast Moves!

Che Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla humorous hula hoop dance fitness

How do you get that cool “whooshing” sound with a hoop?

I’d say “Fear Not,” but alas, cannot, as ‘Whipping The Hoop’ about the cabin can be…well, fun, funny, injury-inducing, and sometimes object-destructive. I really wanna emphasize the “fun” part though, especially because it is awe-inspiring to see when done well!

Here are 3 tips though to help ya out as you learn some Whippy Hoopy Thangs.* (And, as always, these ideas are kind of a metaphor for life!) 

1. Make your life easier with the right tool for the right job…Use a lighter hoop. Yes, size matters boys and girls–especially for this stuff. It stands to reason that if your hoop is smaller AND lighter, that whipping it around quickly will be less taxing on your hands, arms, bendy body parts and nearby furniture. Recommended: Polypro or HDPE tubing. Not recommended: Toy hoops. Yes they will whip, but can be easily bent, kinked and warped much quicker than a professionally made hoop by a reputable hoop maker. (There are many qualified local hoop artisans you can support. Check your community. Hip The Hoopla covers the Colorado area and can ship, if you like).

2. Learn Good Technique–with a qualified teacher is best–in person, if possible. But you can also have an online coach (like Hip The Hoopla or many others world wide), or check out some video tutorials on YouTube. Get it slowwwwwwly. If you start just jamming on stuff right off the bat, you may need an injury lawyer–and no one wants to sue themselves.

3. You’ve got to PRACTICE! You knew that one was coming, right?! Whippy moves don’t come about by spontaneous combustion, or via fairy godmother. They take the time and energy of good ‘ole diligent practice. Technique is the main component. When you have that down, then confidence comes into play. Then there’s one more thing that you want to add to your practice…

One more little *Bonus Tip*:
****Facial Expression.**** Yep. Practice getting that scared, “oh crap” look off your face, and try smiling with confidence and ease. Yeah your brain chatter will be racing saying, “But that hoop is whipping near my face — I must close my eyes!” Don’t do that. Keep ’em open so you know which way to duck if you need to. Plus it’s way more enjoyable to watch someone with a pleasant expression…less cortisol for the viewer to stress about you. And, the fake it til you make it grin will bring more of your happy endorphins bubbling your confidence up, too!

P.S. Bonus, bonus tip: If you are new to the hoop whipping concept, start with grip moves before advancing to hand release moves for more control and less bonking of nearby valuables.

Hope these 3 tips and bonuses help increase your personal level of hoop dance. Happy Hooping!

♥ ♥ ♥

*Whippy Thangs can be described as very fast movements, sometimes moving so quickly that they make a whooshy sound. They can create a breeze from the hoop movement, and even more of a wind current from onlookers gasping, “Ahhhhh!” They can be moves like escalators, folds, flips, breaks, etc. Even schmears can be done at lightning speed in a whippy motion!

~Lovingly written, tongue-in-cheeky by CHO (Chief Hooping Officer) Che’ Rippinger, who’s been hooping since 2008, running Hip The Hoopla since 2011 – while teaching, performing and making pro custom hoops.


Hey, in case you want to learn more in person, please come join us at…
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Or if you prefer to work one on-one, or a private group, we can schedule an in-person or virtual meeting!

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January Jump Start – Schedule, Specials & More!

Hip The Hoopla humorous hoop dance fitness classes, performances & custom made hula hoops

Give your goals some jet fuel! Hip The Hoopla is here to help to kick butt on your wellness, weight goals and well-being (a.k.a. Happiness).

Give yourself the gift of health and humor with hooping. Here’s a sneak peak at the January Hoopla! (Warning: Hip The Hoopla promises high doses of laughter, hoop dance, positivity and motivation!)


Group classes (all levels welcome) Tuesdays 6:30pm & Saturdays 10am. January 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27, (31-Tentative-depending if Broncos play in the Superbowl!)


♥ $99 January Special= 1 private lesson* + 1 Month of Unlimited Monthly Group Classes (save $71!)

♥ 5 Class Pack $65 (Save $10) (exp. 3 months from purchase)

♥ 10 Class $120 (2 classes Free-Save $30!)

♥ 30 Day Unlimited Group Class Pass $80 (Save $40+)

Stay tuned for Hip The Hoopla’s NEXT big Announcements including:

1.) ONLINE CLASSES! Yes, you asked, and they are in the works! The tentative plan is once a week with a replay (if available)…and also…
3.) A MONTHLY PLAN PACK for those dedicated to wellness and wonderment! (Including your own private sessions, and special surprises, too!)

(*Studio rental and/or on-site travel costs are extra. Private lessons priced for Lakewood location.)

For more information, Please visit www.HipTheHoopla.com , www.Facebook.com/HipTheHoopla , or call 303-919-9280, or e-mail Che@HipTheHoopla.com

How to Get Great Layering And Coordination

Want to get a smooth combination of dance flowing WITH your hoop moves?

Here’s what I recommend at my Hip The Hoopla classes: practice and “get” the thing you want, BEFORE you put the hoop on. Each element may be easy…but when you try putting it all TOGETHER, perhaps a different story. It’s the magical practice of layering (I learned from belly dance). Video* Link Example is below.

Here’s the thing: when you try it all together, one thing will come and one–or several–things may go. Focus on getting just one element in moment. Add another in the combo, then another, then one more (try feet, then hoop, then facial expression, etc.) It’s perfectly o.k. to take a hoop move you have on “auto-pilot,” and add your new thing (footwork, arm movements, turns).

The real secret was already given away: Practice. It’s amazing how quickly we can make something look effortless, with a lot of…EFFORT! Most pros put in many hours…drilling, bonking, dropping and laughing in frustration at themselves while learning new material and making it look easy. You’re not alone.

Watch anyone’s progress. You didn’t start out with a coordinated walk out of the womb. You had to get strength to keep your head wobble up, then roll over on your belly, crawl, get some hand-holding help, then try waddling walking on your own, run into a few table corners, fall down, cry and try it again…all before you could think of hitting the dance floor. And what makes you think hoop dance would be easier than that?! LOL. You got this. I know you can!

I’ve watched some pretty remarkable progress advance with these steps:

1.) Decide you want to do it.
2.) Break down the foundational steps and work on each individually.
3.) Put it together.
4.) Practice and DO it.
5.) Enjoy it when you GET it!

And here’s 4 bonus hints to make leaps in progress:

1.) You can also help your progression along with perfectly visualizing what you want to get.
2.) Video is helpful to see what’s going on (what you ARE doing and what you THINK you are doing, may be two different things).
3.) Writing things down, also helps. (I like adding stick figures and directional arrows with my notes–my personal hieroglyphics!).
4.) Get feedback from a real person. If you can get to a class or a private lesson–in person–great! If not, we can help virtually with an online session. We’re just a click away ♥

P.S. Sanity is over-rated. Enjoy the process. When you nail the thing that’s driving you nuts, you will be so overjoyed. Then you’ll forget all about that, and be on to the next self-challenge.

P.S.S. Hooping is a metaphor for life. You’ll find the things you learn “in the circle” apply to the rest of your issues–really. Funny, but true! ♥


Connect with Us! Hip The Hoopla offers humorous hoop dancing classes, private lessons and coaching–both in person, and virtually–for whatever level you are starting at… or want to get to!

Check calendar for Hip The Hoopla class details. www.HipTheHoopla.com/classes

*If you are interested in getting hoops: ready made, custom, twins, multis, collapsible convertibles, polypro, HDPE, or PE (black tubing)…please connect with us for a complimentary hoop consultation (by phone or in person).

Contact us: online at www.HipTheHoopla.com, Che@HipTheHoopla.com, 303-980-6295  / 303-919-9280 cell Latest info, updates, tutorials, events and “Hoopspiration” posted regularly on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/HipTheHoopla

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*Here’s that Video (as promised above) from a practice session working on getting layering and belly dance into my hoop dancing. ~Che’ Rippinger
Link: http://youtu.be/Ur_LcQgxK1o


YouTube vs. Personal Training

Che Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla humorous hoop dance fitness classes, hoops, performancesI received a call for a young “very advanced” hooper who might want some instruction, “if” it fit her high level of talent. I found myself vulnerably defending my skill level as advanced enough to teach this person–who, from the description, might possibly know everything from YouTube. (Link for my video proof-trying a completely new combination of sword and hoop dance below.)

If we have YouTube, then WHY would we want to pay to train with Live people, on an on-going basis??

1.) The top teachers, instructors, dance companies and various experts who just I have studied dance (30++ years) and many other fields with, have literally, thousands of years of training and experience–combined. And surprisingly, some of of them are not even on YouTube. (What?!)

2.) Next, ALL of the tremendously talented dancers I know–ESPECIALLY my teachers, keep learning, taking workshops, master classes, training, studying (plus reading, watching, observing), etc. I see them there, so I know!

Masaaki Imai wrote about the Japanese way of “Kaizen,” or continuous improvement that is known worldwide in business. A lot of time, money and energy is funneled into whatever expertise we chose to focus on, as we continue to grow, develop and learn new styles, techniques, methodologies and earn certifications. I see belly dance extraordinaire Rachel Brice (and many other brilliant luminary talents out there) at the top of her game–training with others. She has something new to bring to the table every time we come to her workshops. Each time I study with someone, I also get different things out of it, as I am at a new point in my journey as well, on any given day. Take yoga and you will quickly and mindfully “get” this concept. Teachers have teachers. Coaches have coaches. Mentors have mentors.

We all learn from others. Along the way we develop our own styles and ways of doing things that are completely unique to us. You can see me personally in someone’s beginner class (of anything), and I will STILL get something out of it. I call it a “golden nugget,” a good bit of info that I can add to my repertoire of knowledge. It could be an innovative technique of teaching, a warm up stretch, or a way of explaining something so easily, or in a different way than I do, that totally clicks. There are many “Ah-Ha!” moments in all of our paths. And the really cool thing is they can come from completely unrelated fields, and connect with us, too!

3.) Another major point of continual training, is that we do NOT know everything there is to know. No one is a perfect dancer, or perfect anything for that matter. One reason is that “perfect” is a moving target. There can also be extreme variations on what constitutes perfection, depending on who you talk to.

When I trained in martial arts, around the 3 month mark I was feeling a little bit cocky about my skills. When I earned my first black belt, I learned, as any humbled black belt achiever does, we are on the mere precipice of the enormous learning cliff out there! Centuries, cultures, styles–it would be impossible for one human to take the vastness of it all in. Every teacher doesn’t know everything, nor does every student. Hence why we share knowledge, and very often, learn from each other.

Also, even with any expert in whatever field, as the football saying goes, “On any given Sunday…” Meaning that anything can happen, even when you think you know exactly how it will go. Hoopers drop the hoop. Dancers stumble. Pro football athletes mess up their plays. Martial artists can be defeated. Business people can botch a presentation. Donald Trump can go bankrupt, more than once, and still be extremely successful, respected, and very very rich.

4.) Why train with others, instead of in our own little “Box ‘o Comfort?” Learning is Multidimensional. YouTube is a great resource and entertaining rabbit hole of (mostly free) information. It is also an internet “taste” of what many offer professionally. And though there are a multitude of dynamic educational tutorial videos available at your fingertips, is not a real face to face person, with personal two-way dialog communication and feedback, pin-pointing everything you personally want. Plus people absorb and pick up on things can be in so many ways: kinesthetic, auditory, visual, experiential, etc. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” learning, especially when trying to grasp different skills. Each of us can even bounce between styles, depending on the circumstances.

I personally took one hoop class and got hooked. For a year, I practiced on my own and watched some dvds and videos. Then, I went to a workshop with Jonathan Baxter of Hoop Path–and met other real people in the community! That’s when I got serious on my hoop journey. And as with other interests I’ve pursued, I became a sponge for great stuff from every possible source I could afford with time and money.

To be clear: That doesn’t mean that everything I am is from something else. But I combine bits and pieces of my extensive path and experience, molding them into and with my own very unique approach and style. Because I offer what I do, people come to me to help them reach their goals. I listen and do my best to tailor what they want and need, with what I have and bring.  This leads to one of the last reasons to work and train with others…

5.) By supporting others, we all help that field (whatever it is!) grow and develop overall. Since we all have bills to pay (shocking, I know!), our professional lives provide our service/product for income, which helps us continue our expertise, with honor and dignity. I understand that when I register for a workshop or take a class, I help that person get to do what they do best. Without enough warm bodies in the room to complete a minimum to keep them afloat, things get cancelled. As a result, their lives, and ours, are at a loss.

…And on one last, very important bonus note: I take classes with other people, because I want to energetically create a flowing cycle where others in turn, come out and support my classes and professional path. I know I have helped many achieve new avenues of happiness, health and breakthroughs in learning. It’s not for the money that I continue with my Hip The Hoopla business (though I really like being in financial integrity to pay my bills and honor my commitments as best as possible).  The main reason I continue this passionate, and sometimes very challenging work, is because it makes my heart tremendously happy–knowing that I can help others laugh, learn and always…always try something new!

P.S. To that young lady, and everyone else…If I can’t personally help you, I’ll bet I know of, or can get you in touch with someone who can!
♥ Where ever you are on your path, I wish you love, light and educational goodness ♥

~Che’ Rippinger is the business owner, instructor, performer, hoop maker, motivational life & business coach, personal trainer, speaker and CHO (Chief Hooping Officer) of Hip The Hoopla in Denver, Colorado, USA. She is a trained hooper, dancer, belly dancer, fire spinner, 4th degree black belt martial artist (Jeet Kune Do), Laughter Yoga Leader, professionally published magazine cartoonist & national newspaper columnist, social media marketing consultant, jewelry & costume maker. And although she holds degrees, certifications, training, and various honors…there is always room to get personally and professionally better each day!
Book something now with Che’ of Hip The Hoopla. Best way: Call 303-980-6295/303-919-9280 cell, email Che@HipTheHoopla.com or visit www.HipTheHoopla.com
She’s also on many social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Yelp, etc.
☻Do It! Connect–You could be very happy you did ♥

Link for my video proof-trying a completely new combination of sword and hoop dance on World Hoop Day 2014, as promised:

New Silly Hoopspirational Video!

Wacky Hoopspirational stuff!

Please click the link below to see my new video–a wacky practice session. Thanks!
~Ché Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla


Che’ Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla gets really silly, sassy & goofy to Gogol Bordello-cracking myself up!
Watch til the end…some great hoop drops and video fail, which might amuse you.          ♥   www.HipTheHoopla.com  ♥

Humorous hoop dance fitness classes –positive, encouraging and SO much fun– for all levels from beginner to pro…with Laughter Yoga & belly dance. Plus private lessons, coaching, performing, events, and awesome custom hand-crafted/made with love professional hoops!

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Blessings ♥

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Minis & Multis 303 Hoop Troupe Jam with Ché – HipTheHoopla

Hip The Hoopla offers positive humorous hula hoop dance classes, private lessons, events and hoops, too!We are hoop jamming at Gabrielle’s Garden this Wednesday 5-7 pm in Denver. Come spin & play with us! Just $5 monthly for 303 Hoop Troupe group.

What: Hoop Jam-focus on “Minis & Multis” led by hoop dance teacher Ché Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla
When: 5-7 pm
Where: Gabrielle’s Garden, 832 Kalamath St., Denver, CO 802o4
This is a community based, organic, pay-what-you-can garden filled with lovely food and people.
Hoops-and lots of them to share. Some will be available to borrow, but due to the nature of this jam, many will be in use. You can order or pick up hoops in advance from Hip The Hoopla.*

Hip The Hoopla offers humorous hoop dancing classes, private lessons and coaching, for whatever level you are starting at… or want to get to!

Regular Hip The Hoopla classes are Tuesdays 6:30pm & Saturdays, at 10am at Red Elephant Workshop, 244 Sante Fe, Denver, CO 80204.
Most classes have a theme and are much like a mini workshop. Check calendar for details. www.HipTheHoopla.com/classes

*If you are interested in getting hoops: ready made, custom, twins, multis, collapsible convertibles, polypro, HDPE, or PE (black tubing)…please connect with us for a complimentary hoop consultation (by phone or in person).

Contact us: online at www.HipTheHoopla.com, Che@HipTheHoopla.com, 303-980-6295  / 303-919-9280 cell, www.Facebook.com/HipTheHoopla

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