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December Classes/Performances/Hoops & Holiday Deals

Happy Holidays from Hip The Hoopla!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
DECEMBER 2013 Hip The Hoopla Classes: 12/3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 21 & 28

**NO class 24th or 31st**

♥ December Special: Free Gift with any class pack, gift card or hoop purchase!
♥ Mini Hoop- Dance prop workshop (9-11am on 1/18/14) as part of the” Workshop Sampler Weekend – New Ideas for Your Toolbox“-register NOW on Eventbrite before it’s sold out! https://workshopsamplerweekend.eventbrite.com/ (no 10am class 1/18/14)
♥ Mini Personal Coaching Special: *10 Minute 1 on 1 Coaching Session~only $15 (phone or in person)
♥ Holiday Class Packs:
$60/5 class card (=$12/class, Save $15!) (good for 3 months from purchase)
$100/10 class card (=$10/class!, Save $50!!) (good for 6 months from purchase)
♥ Private Lessons/Sessions Available — De-stress your holidays!
Bring your hoop skills to the next level-Fast-with Hip The Hoopla Personalized Attention!

+CELEBRATE!! Custom Hoops, Classes, Private lessons, Coaching, Performing, Accessories, Gift Certificates, etc.

♥ RSVP your classes online at www.HipTheHoopla.com
Contact us for your own hand-crafted custom hoop, too! ♥

+Hip The Hoopla GIFT CERTIFICATES Available for classes, class packs, custom made hoops, private lessons, Hip The Hoopla Hoop-O-Grams, and more!
♥ More Hip The Hoopla info at www.HipTheHoopla.com ♥ and www.facebook.com/HipTheHoopla (please “like” 🙂
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~~~Hip the Hoopla Class LOCATION: *Red Elephant Workshop*
244 Sante Fe Drive, Denver CO 80223 (Between 2nd & 3rd on Sante Fe Drive– free on-street parking 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
***♥ Upcoming PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE! ♥***
Colorado Fire Tribe at Denver Parade of Lights-Saturday, Dec. 7th at 6pm in Downtown Denver

2014 Winter Gala Show and Hafla at the D-Note in Arvada, Saturday, January 18, 2014

Also join Hip The Hoopla for a Mini Hoop Dance prop workshop (9-11am on 1/18/14) as part of the” Workshop Sampler Weekend – New Ideas for Your Toolbox” at Red Elephant Workshop on January 18th. Buy now at , class spaces will sell out!

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2013 has been such a great year to Get Your Hoop On!!!


December Holiday Hip The Hoopla: Classes, Gifts & Specials

Hip The Hoopla's Custom Hand Made Holiday HoopsHappy Hoopin’ Holly Days! Remember Hip The Hoopla Gift Certificates make Great Gifts & no one has to dust them! Hoops- Classes-Merchandise…and the smiles are free!

December Hip The Hoopla Classes:

12/1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 29 (–NO class on Christmas 12/25–) **Classes Tues. 6:30pm & Sat. 10am at Red Elephant Workshop, 244 Sante Fe Drive (2nd & Sante Fe)  in Denver, Colorado, USA. Drop in’s are welcome, but an RSVP guarantees your class spot 🙂 E-mail Che@HipTheHoopla.com or call 303-980-6295. You can also find us on Facebook for up to the moment class schedule info, motivation, performances, jams, etc.: www.facebook.com/HipTheHoopla 

So Happy to Announce our GREAT Hip The Hoopla December Deals which run though 12/31/12.

**Please Note: Hip The Hoopla drop in class prices will be $15 starting January 2013–so save BIG with your class packs, now!!

December Deals:

+2 Classes for $20 Bucks (You or bring a friend) all must be used by 12/31/12. RSVP your space(s) now!
+Buy One Custom Hand Made Hip The Hoopla hoop, get one for 1/2 Price! Please allow 1 week per hoop if you are planning for gifts.

…Production time may vary according to Santa’s elves* filling anxious hooper’s wish lists. (*Hoops not actually outsourced to the North Pole…so you save on shipping, lol.)

+$50 Unlimited Pass. Attend all the healthy hooping Hip The Hoopla classes you want in a month for only $50!
That can get classes even more affordable!! (Like paying for 4 and getting the rest FREE!) (good for one month/30 days from date purchased 🙂 

+PRIVATE Holiday Hoop Sessions (Through Dec. 31): Bring your hoop skills to the next level–Fast! Hip The Hoopla Private Hoop Tutoring $30/hour ($10 off–regularly $40) or $50 for 2 hour block ($30 off/regularly $80)–Private lesson sessions normally $40/hour (Please add $5/hour studio rental fee (regularly $10).

+Class Pack Cards: great $ Savings 5 Pack ($50) & 10 Pack ($90) classes, too!

+Hip The Hoopla GIFT CERTIFICATES Available in any amount good for classes, class packs, custom made hoops, private lessons, Hip The Hoopla Hoop-O-Grams, and more!

Hip The Hoopla - Mr. Happy MascotCome get your jingle hoop on and spin off those holiday calories and stress waves…You’ll feel sooooooo much more Fa La La La La and way less Bah Humbug!

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Hip The Hoopla-humorous hula hoop dance fitness classes with Laughter Yoga, belly dance & more www.HipThe Hoopla.com, Che@HipTheHoopla.com, 303-980-6295.

Hip The Hoopla How-To: Mr. Happy Hoop Mascot

Hip The Hoopla - Mr. Happy MascotHi from my Hip The Hoopla
Happy Hoop guy.

Maybe he’ll see you at class on Saturday, 12/1 at 10am in Denver http://www.facebook.com/events/292852814168246 (click her for Great December specials), or at our ESTATE SALE: Personal Estate & Store closing Sale-Lakewood, Colorado…2 years since my mom’s passing & I am still moving, donating & selling mom’s, grandparents, great aunt, and my stuff, plus I still have Southwestern store stock left. Furniture, household items, holiday gifts, jewelry, clothes, some vintage and antiques, too! Please contact me if you are looking for something, I may have it :) Making a clear home for happy marriage & paying bills. Thanks. Blessings ♥ Che’ of Hip The Hoopla

How to make your own Happy Hoop Mascot:

  • Get one favorite stuffed animal.
  • Cut a piece of aquarium tubing  to the size you want for your mascot’s hoop.
  • Connect the ends of the tubing with electrical tape.
  • Finish wrapping the hoop with any color of vinyl electrical tape and/or any decorative tape or touches you want to add.
  • Stickers and shiny things are fun!
  • Tack stitch the hoop to your stuffed animal in whatever position you like.  Voila! Only one more step…
  • Place on dashboard or anywhere else your mascot can bring smiles. In-Joy!

Contact to RSVP your own Hip The Hoopla class space now!

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Hip The Hoopla-humorous hula hoop dance fitness classes with Laughter Yoga, belly dance & more www.HipThe Hoopla.com, Che@HipTheHoopla.com, 303-980-6295.

Hoop Dog Humor

Hip The Hoopla hoop doggie BocaDumb Hoop Joke:

What did my doggie Boca say to the hoop?

… “Run!!”

Ba ha ha, fa la la
Shake your Tofurky tail feather off in Denver, Colorado at Hip The Hoopla’s humorous hoop dance fitness classes Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 10am.

2 for $20 classes
(You or bring a friend) holiday special starts now (useable until 12/31)!

Looking for great gift ideas for the holidays?

Hoops, gift cards, classes, stocking stuffers & more! http://www.facebook.com/events/169456053195277/

Contact to RSVP your class space now!

You can also find, like and follow Hip The Hoopla on *Facebook, *Yelp, *Twitter (@hipthehoopla), *Pinterest, *LinkedIn, *YouTube, *Google, *YourHub, *www.HipTheHoopla.com

Hip The Hoopla-humorous hula hoop dance fitness classes with Laughter Yoga, belly dance & more www.HipThe Hoopla.com, Che@HipTheHoopla.com, 303-980-6295.

De-Stress The Holidays…Hoop!

Breathe, Laugh, Hoop:

3 Ways Hoop Dance Helps You Enjoy the Holidays More + 3 Simple Steps Using  Sound Variety

Che Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla

Che' Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla with downtown Denver hoop sculpture

When life is getting a little chaotic, I find inner peace in the hoop. Why?

Hooping can be meditative.

The consistent rhythm of hooping is a relaxing beat that you can loose yourself in. This hoop flow can help thoughts of anxiety melt into peace. Try relaxing or instrumental music to. Drumming or a metronome will help keep a steady, zone-worthy beat, also.

Hooping can be massaging.

Did you know that as the hoop wraps around your body, various acupressure points are being touched? It’s great for blood flow and digestion. Try humming and feel that vibration with your hoop practice, for added internal benefit.

Hoop movement is a mental release.

As you move through time and space with your hoop dance, your muscles can stretch, engage, relax and release. When you move your body expressively, especially happily, and with laughter, you release endorphins–happy hormones that override the stress hormones like cortisol. Put on your favorite music for your jam time, or try a new era of tunes for a mental leap. (When you try experiencing new things that may be unfamiliar, you create new connections and neurological pathways in your brain.)

There is no age limit to hooping. Anyone who has the urge for fun and would like to piggy-back that on to great health, should give it a whirl!

~Che’ Rippinger, Hip The Hoopla instructor/performer

~Thank You…please enjoy the blessings of the season~no matter what or how you celebrate <3 Peace…Love…Joy…Laughter-share them with others~

Che’ Rippinger runs Hip The Hoopla-hula hoop dance fitness in Denver, Colorado. She offers classes for all ages and skill levels with laughter yoga, belly dance and dance-adapted yoga. Beginners welcome 🙂 Private hoop dance lessons and booking for performances and events are available. 

Please check out the latest class schedules and specials offered at our facebook page: www.facebook.com/HipTheHoopla


12/12/11 Class Updates, Specials & Info

Check out www.facebook.com/HipTheHoopla for current info

3 Hip The Hoopla Specials:
1)Get a Gift Certificate for One Professional Hoop + 2 Hip The Hoopla Classesor only $50! You save 20% ($14) 

2)December 24 (Sat.) & December 31 (Sat.) Buy 1, bring a friend free! Or get your class 1/2 price! Plus a free gift!

3)Start your 2012 new year right…All you can hoop in January-Reg. price $60…sale 50 bucks! (Includes all regularly scheduled HTH classes) www.facebook.com/HipTheHoopla

***Hip The Hoopla students with Living Social vouchers: I have personally extended the 2 class redemption date to 12/31/11 & have some class spots available. Otherwise I am extending your LS voucher so you can apply your purchase amount ($12) towards a credit use for a regularly priced: custom hoop, private lesson, one class, or gift certificate-all must be redeemed by the end of January 2012. I’m trying to extend the voucher to accommodate everyone as best as possible–in order to try Hip The Hoopla, and tell others of your positive experience!-Thanks from the management (aka Che’)