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OCD? 3 Helpful Tips

Help Over Controlling Disorder: Breathe, Observe, Release

OCD Help
for Over Controlling Disorder

Do you have OCD? Not the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but the other one…Over Controlling Disorder? Although funny, many of us really want to control as many factors of our lives as possible. And as life is quick to show us, the best laid plans, makes the universe laugh.

We all may know that holding on tight is not good for your psyche, your intestinal track, or your loved ones (who are often on the receiving end of our controlling behavior). How can we help ourselves improve this? Here’s three things we can start with that can greatly help.

1. Breathe – Take 3 very deep inhales with full exhales. This will help calm the mind for the next step.

2. Observe – Allow yourself at least 10 seconds of Mindful, non-judgmental observation, understanding that the outcome really will be fine, no matter what.

3. Release – Slowly uncurl your grasping brain from the end result, then let the positive wave of ease wash over you.

Trying these 3 helpful steps can help calm our expectations of our plans, versus the intervention and outcome from the universe.

May a new peace be with you. ~Che’ Rippinger