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How to Hula Hoop In 10 Minutes or less!

Hula Hooping in 10 minutes or less Video Tutorial

Waist hooping can be pretty easy-especially with some great instruction. Here’s some excellent techniques used in Hip The Hoopla humorous hula hoop dance fitness classes from Che Rippinger — to help get you up and going in 10 minutes or less!

Note that having a good size/weight hoop for YOU, is really important. If you used to do it as a kid and are trying to use a kid’s toy store hoop that is too small and light, that hoop may spend a lot of time on the ground, as it’s too small and light (you’ll need a lot of speed and excellent technique to keep it up–it can be done, with lots of practice). To begin with though, try starting off with a larger, heavier hoop, to insure a quicker success.

Remember that getting even a quarter of a rotation with good technique, before the hoop goes down, is a good start. Eventually, you can get more and more successful rotations in when you learn to keep your beat/movement really steady in a rhythmic formation.

Tips: Take it slow. Practice. Play. Practice some more. Hydrate. Warm up & cool down. Use a good size/weight hoop for you. Enjoy the process of learning something new. Remember: Progress, not perfection. Pick/use a “Happy Hoop Glee Word” for when (not if) you drop the hoop.

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Hip The Hoopla is humorous hula hoop dance fitness which includes a little Laughter Yoga, dance-adapted yoga, belly dance and of course, hooping!

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Thank you for watching. Happy Hooping!
~Che’ Rippinger