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Encouragement In The Hoop


A hooping friend expressed how she didn’t want to hoop in front of others on a beach, even though she brought her hoops, and made the commitment to post a video daily. Here’s my advice to, “Be a starfish,” and do it anyway! In~Joy some “Encouragement in the Hoop”

They call it a comfort zone for a reason. It’s comforting. However…

1. When we step outside of our comfort zone, we have the greatest growth.

Do you believe in magic? Like Harry Potter invisibility?

2. The hoop is like a “cloaking mechanism”–most people are watching the prop move. My belly dance teachers didn’t see much of my belly dance moves I’d worked in, when danced with a hoop, but I counted them up from the video. That’s how I learned that lesson.

Life’s a beach. No one bought a ticket for your performance–and it’s not like a hoop camp with all your peers.

3. Most regular folk don’t (or think they “can’t”) hoop, so whatever you do would probably be Amazing in their eyes.

Some Closing Thoughts…

I’ve heard it said (often now), if you have a gift/talent/strength/passion, it is your duty to share it, not hide it from the world. Look at how much the hoop has helped and healed so many of us around you. How did any of us get that first message of this wonderful circle?

What if you could bring that to one person? How might your hula hoop and hooping affect them positively–whether for one minute, or one lifetime?  Health, Strength, Self-Confidence, Happiness, etc. How awesome would that be?!

Take the bushel basket off your light. Shine for and brighten others. Some little girl or boy may think you’re more awesome than their favorite Disney Princess/character. What kind of a role model might you be for that boy or girl, or their mom or dad…with your pretty plastic circle, on a beach, just enjoying your vacation?

Sending you Hoop Love sister!
♥ Dedicated to Edie ♥
~by Che’ Rippinger

P.S. It took courage to write this, too. Putting yourself out there is a vulnerable act. Here’s to all of us trying!
P.S.S. Shout out to our Fab♥ Over 40 Hoop Community and the awesome people who really care and support one another.

♥ Blessings & Happy Health! ♥


~Che’ Rippinger is Hip The Hoopla‘s CHO (Chief Hooping Officer)/Owner/Founder and head humorist, with heart. She’s been hula hooping since 2008 and founded Hip The Hoopla in 2011 – while teaching, performing and making pro custom dance hula hoops. A dancer most of her life, Che’ has also been a humor writer/columnist, illustrator and cartoonist for The Denver Post and her Touché! Cartoons have been featured in PLAYGIRL Magazine.

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