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Foot To Chest Roll Hula Hoop Trick

Here’s a Cool Hoop Dance Combo

I’m actually doing this Foot to Chest Roll hula hoop trick in 3 parts. It’s an intermediate to advanced trick, depending on what all you do with it.

1. Hooping on the Hand.

Keeping the hoop engaged in wall plane with a flexed hand. And the hoop needs to be rotating IN to the body, or it will fly off in the other direction away from you, when you release it.

2. Slipping foot into the same position to take the place of the hand.

The rotating hoop moves off of the hand and slides on to the flexed foot. Extend the leg and keep that little rotational bounce going. A little strength and flexibility is needed here to hold that stance while keeping the hoop moving on the foot. You can cheat and hold your leg up to get just this portion–but you’re going to need your hand and arm for that next move…

3. Into The Chest Roll.

My tip for this is to keep your foot flexed (I call this the “brake” position). Then when you straighten/point your foot…that hoop is gonna FLY loose in the direction it is spinning! The straighter you keep your leg, it will have a straighter body roll line to follow (rather than kicking it up). Keep BOTH arms out straight, standing tall, with a small gentle upper back arch, and the head BACK (or you will bonk yourself in the face with your hula hoop as it tries to roll by).

You can also do a variation of a kick up, into a catch and roll. There are so many ways into this “Foot to Chest Roll” trick combination, and variations you can put on it to add your own style, pizzazz and signature stamp.

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~Che’ Rippinger is Hip The Hoopla‘s CHO (Chief Hooping Officer)/Owner/Founder and head humorist, with heart. She’s been hula hooping since 2008 and running Hip The Hoopla since 2011 – while teaching, performing and making pro custom dance hula hoops. A dancer most of her life, Che’ has also been a humor writer/columnist, illustrator and cartoonist for The Denver Post and her Touché! Cartoons have been featured in PLAYGIRL Magazine.

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