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How to Get Great Layering And Coordination

Want to get a smooth combination of dance flowing WITH your hoop moves?

Here’s what I recommend at my Hip The Hoopla classes: practice and “get” the thing you want, BEFORE you put the hoop on. Each element may be easy…but when you try putting it all TOGETHER, perhaps a different story. It’s the magical practice of layering (I learned from belly dance). Video* Link Example is below.

Here’s the thing: when you try it all together, one thing will come and one–or several–things may go. Focus on getting just one element in moment. Add another in the combo, then another, then one more (try feet, then hoop, then facial expression, etc.) It’s perfectly o.k. to take a hoop move you have on “auto-pilot,” and add your new thing (footwork, arm movements, turns).

The real secret was already given away: Practice. It’s amazing how quickly we can make something look effortless, with a lot of…EFFORT! Most pros put in many hours…drilling, bonking, dropping and laughing in frustration at themselves while learning new material and making it look easy. You’re not alone.

Watch anyone’s progress. You didn’t start out with a coordinated walk out of the womb. You had to get strength to keep your head wobble up, then roll over on your belly, crawl, get some hand-holding help, then try waddling walking on your own, run into a few table corners, fall down, cry and try it again…all before you could think of hitting the dance floor. And what makes you think hoop dance would be easier than that?! LOL. You got this. I know you can!

I’ve watched some pretty remarkable progress advance with these steps:

1.) Decide you want to do it.
2.) Break down the foundational steps and work on each individually.
3.) Put it together.
4.) Practice and DO it.
5.) Enjoy it when you GET it!

And here’s 4 bonus hints to make leaps in progress:

1.) You can also help your progression along with perfectly visualizing what you want to get.
2.) Video is helpful to see what’s going on (what you ARE doing and what you THINK you are doing, may be two different things).
3.) Writing things down, also helps. (I like adding stick figures and directional arrows with my notes–my personal hieroglyphics!).
4.) Get feedback from a real person. If you can get to a class or a private lesson–in person–great! If not, we can help virtually with an online session. We’re just a click away ♥

P.S. Sanity is over-rated. Enjoy the process. When you nail the thing that’s driving you nuts, you will be so overjoyed. Then you’ll forget all about that, and be on to the next self-challenge.

P.S.S. Hooping is a metaphor for life. You’ll find the things you learn “in the circle” apply to the rest of your issues–really. Funny, but true! ♥


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*Here’s that Video (as promised above) from a practice session working on getting layering and belly dance into my hoop dancing. ~Che’ Rippinger
Link: http://youtu.be/Ur_LcQgxK1o