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Preventing Ouch! Tips for Workout Recovery

Hip The Hoopla helps you find health and happiness with humor and a hula hoop!Pain Prevention: Help Alleviate Soreness & And Get Back to It Sooner

by Ché Rippinger

Sometimes we hurt, even after we thought we did something beneficial. Ever experience pain or soreness after a good ‘workout’ (hooping, dance, or anything)? Here’s some advice I gave within a belly dance group that you may find helpful when you need it. <3 🙂

I like to personally take and recommend natural remedies if possible, before hitting any ibuprofen. Massaging your working areas and taking some Calcium with magnesium and vitamin C are excellent after any strenuous (or ‘new to those muscles’) workouts for helping prevent lactic acid buildup (the painful part).

I’m also a fan of Ohco Motion, which I came to from my martial arts days. Excellent for getting blood flow and faster healing to injured/strained areas. (We know the people and the local Colorado company–excellent natural Chinese herbal combinations–and they make Cold Snap, too!).

For joint pain, essential oils (omegas) are great to take on a regular basis.

Of course, do warm up well (get blood flow going before deeper stretches) and give some thoughtful attention to your cool down as well (better time for bigger/deeper stretches).

I personally enjoy a nice hot bath with either natural dead sea or epsom salts–and “Bath Therapy” brand, available at health food stores is excellent! And any physical therapist would have you ice an injured area to help decrease inflammation.

If you try to start out with slow, shorter, and easier movements then build up your time, layers and difficulty levels, you should make happy progress with lots of practice!

I like laughter along the way, too. It not only helps with cell oxygenation and toxin release,  it keeps your attitude positive while your brain and body wrap around new concepts.

Also, please know your body and make adjustments if some movement doesn’t feel right or gives you pain. A good teacher can help you alter a movement if you need, or give you something else to do.

In-Joy! Hoop & Shimmy on!
♥~Che’  of  Hip The Hoopla

Ché Rippinger runs Hip The Hoopla, teaching hoop dance with Laughter Yoga, dance-adapted yoga and belly dance. She’s taught and trained in a variety of dance styles for well over 20 years. She teaches group classes, private instruction, consults, performs and also creates custom professional hoops. Please visit www.HipTheHoopla.com to register for class and get further info on all Hip The Hoopla has to offer! Great “Hoopspiration,” videos and information is also available at www.facebook.com/HipTheHoopla (please “like”), and via e-mail Che@HipTheHoopla.com and phone 303-980-6295.