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Hip The Hoopla happy hooping clients like Eryn

Now that’s some serious hoop love.  Che Rippinger makes beautiful hoops. !!! Thanks again!! Played for a while they are just beyond perfect. and yes i love how the clear ones look [blue] here.
~Eryn Wren Kathleen

(posted on Facebook)

Che is a fantastic teacher!
~Alexa M.
Hoop Dancer

(listed on Yelp)

Che’ taught me how to hoop! If she can teach me, she can teach anyone. Che’ has a very professional and fun approach. She even includes laughter yoga in her hooping classes. If you’re into having fun, smiling and laughing while actually getting a good workout, then Che’ and Hip The Hoopla will be perfect for you too! I highly recommend this program.

~ Bill Owen Bill Owen
G7 Color Expert at Elevated Color, LLC in Denver, CO
(listed on LinkedIn)

Che is fun and fresh, always doing something to improve ones state of mind. Am looking forward to joining her new venture and testing the waters of her innovative style of exercise and humor.
~Pamela Jakobson
Owner/Manager with husband Kurt Jakobson at Villa Tropidero
(listed on LinkedIn)

Che’ Rippinger is a natural performer (Hip The Hoopla-in instruction and performance–hoop & belly dancer) comic strip writer and illustrator. She puts her heart into it and loves what she does which makes for a wonderful instructor and comic.

What ever she does, will always be fun and stimulating.
~Lillian Montes de Oca-LION
Graphic design, art direction, SEO and social media, animated banner and e-mail newsletters
(listed on LinkedIn)

Reasons you can create as to why you “can’t/won’t” like this class, in no particular order: can not hoop, do not like group hugging, do not want people to see you looking silly, have no rhythm…

In my opinion, those are the exact reasons you should take this class! You can learn basic hooping but also how to do cool tricks (that require practice). Personally, I think we all take ourselves too seriously and nothing helps loosen you up more than doing something new, kinda uncomfortable and silly in a room full of others in the exact same slightly-awkward boat. By the time the group circle comes around, you are for sure smiling, relaxed and sweating and the group hug seems like the right thing to do. This will not be my only source of exercise, but when i am in a fitness rut, i will take a class here to bust out of it.

Stop being uptight, just try it!
Listed in: 100 or Bust, Fitness is fun(damental)
~Dana R.
Hip The Hoopla Student

(listed on Yelp)

I attended my first class last week, and I am excited to say that I am going again tonight!
As I walked into the studio I felt as though I was entering a different world, a world full of happiness, joy and positive spirit.  This overwhelming happiness and laughter continued through the hour long class, where we learned new creative ways to move our bodies with a hula hoop as well as relax with yoga, and laughing exercises to soothe the soul.
The instructor Che creates peaceful movements that are awe inspiring, and her gentle nature combined with years of experience offer an incredible balance to the class, leaving everyone wanting more!
The best workout for your body, mind and spirit!
~Cia S.
Hip The Hoopla Student
(listed on Yelp)

Che and I have hooped many times. She is humorous and knowledgeable with hooping, laughing yoga and dance. She is patient, caring and fun to workout with! I fully encourage you to try this! ~Sophia Rose
(listed on Yelp)

I was initially impressed with Che Rippinger’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I hired her for several performances at my events.

Che is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. I couldn’t wait to see her live… Che lit up the room with her beauty, talent, colorful costumes and hula hoops skills, along with great humor and her personal magic…She was so charming, and people were literally mesmerized by her artistic and skilled performance.

One particular characteristic is her Spontaneity. Moreover her creative and impressive dance routines, shows her fluidity and grace. Che is phenomenal and probably the best entertainer we have ever hired.

In Addition, this well written columnist also produces some of the funniest cartoons/articles on dating that will have you shaking your head in understanding/agreement and laughing out loud.

~Angela (Angel) Baker
Owner, Angel’s Concierge Services
(listed on LinkedIn)

****Hoop Reviews****:

I just bought that purple hoop you made at Things That Glow. I love it. Thanks for being awesome. ~Don Blosser (from Facebook)


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