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Tutorial Video~How to Collapse different types of hula hoops

by Che’ Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla

Hip The Hoopla-Che’ makes hoops!


Custom Hoops!

Pssst…Did you know you can get your very own custom hand-made professional Hip The Hoopla hula hoop(s)?! That will help ensure you get the best hoop for your particular needs and goals. And it beats trying to make the cheap kid toy ones work–because they are usually too light, too small and crunch pretty easily. Plus, if you get one custom made (or select from one of our other already hand-made Hip The Hoopla hoops)–you will actually USE it, because it’s gorgeous, and you enjoy hooping with it!

Hip The Hoopla Custom hand made pro hula hoopsSome  Custom Hoop Ideas:

Large Hoop:
Adult size* for on-body(waist, etc.) and beginning hooping-example a 3/4″, 40″ in a candy cane wrap, in a collapsible infinity style for easy travel.

Mid-sized Hoop:
Adult (kids love these, too!) size for off-body (tricks with the hands, etc) and intermediate hooping–example a 1/2″, 32″ custom color wrap combo.

Twins or Mini Hoops:
Smaller, lighter hoops, usually in pairs or even numbered sets for intermediate and advanced hooping tricks-example 1/2″, 22″ mini twin set in solid colors with grip tape.

NEW Design!-The Convertible Collapsible Hip The Hoopla Hoop:
One full size hoop can become two twin mini’s!-example 5/8″ (outer diameter) 38″ HDPE hoop in a half and half wrap –perhaps one side red, the other side black– which can convert to 2 smaller 20″ mini hoops (one red, one black).

Hip The Hoopla custom hand made pro hula hoopOoooh…And Some Other Great Hoop Ideas:

Collapsible hoops -also known as infinity or figure 8 hoops by the way they collapse and condense for easy travel–(I have taken mine through the airport…great for entertaining small children and TSA…just kidding, kind of).

Grip Tape (aka professional gaffers, fabric tape) very helpful to assist with the “stickiness” of the hoop…in case “clothing optional” isn’t an option. Helps with performance (in hooping, that is 😉

Please contact for info to create your one of a kind (0r more!) Hip The Hoopla hoop wonders. Che@HipTheHoopla.com

****Hoop Reviews****:

I just bought that purple hoop you made at Things That Glow. I love it. Thanks for being awesome. ~Don Blosser (from Facebook)


Che Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla humorous hoop dance fitness classes, performances and custom hoopsFYI The Care and Feeding of your Hoops:

Hoops are mostly adult friendly and kid friendly. They love skin, carpets and grass.

But they’re not nearly as animal, concrete or fine-breakables-in-confined-quarters friendly. (Same for hills and high traffic areas)

Inexpensive toy store hoops are not a good idea if you want to have success with hooping. They’re usually too small and too light for most adults to work with.

You don’t have to have a pretty tape “wrapped” hoop to start hooping.

You can have a plain (aka a hoop that is not taped)  professionally made hoop and have it sanded for extra “grip.”

Certain hoop materials like polypro (very flexible, lightning fast and lightweight) that pro hoopers use are not cold friendly. They can crack.

LED (lighted/glowing) hoops range a lot in prices, materials, performance and quality. Best to do your research before purchase. For a credit toward your LED hoop order (through Astral Hoops), Please use this link:
http://astralhoops.com/r/Che ~Thank you!
And also check out Colorado Hula Hoops for even more affordable hoops and use the discount code “HipTheHoopla” to receive 10% off your order!

A professional grade “weighted” hoop (usually using PE/black tubing) is not to be confused with a “sport” hoop which can actually weigh 1-5 lbs-or more-Sport Hoops are NOT recommended by Hip The Hoopla because they are more limiting, can cause injury and strain, and bruising–yikes…and you might not enjoy hooping quite as much.

Hoops are not bake-friendly. If you leave them in really hot areas, they can warp (you can usually reshape them back :). And tape adhesive can get mushy, gooey, grungy (attracting dirt), and slide… in heat…and some can even get crackly if baked long enough.

Beware of cold weather for hoops. Plastic of any sort can break and crack. Some are sturdier than others. HDPE (thicker opaque white tubing) and black PE tubing hoops are more cold friendly. Polypro, not so much.  But all of those beat the tubing of an inexpensive kids toy hoop! No matter what you get or use, please let your hoop warm up before opening it if it’s really cold out (or has been frozen in your car)…it can totally snap and break. Also hoop tapes can be adversely affected by cold as well.

Some hoops can be repaired…but please, just keep them healthy and happy with some basic care as much as possible. Hoops don’t make good dog chew toys, baby play things or obstacles to run over with a car. If you keep these tips in mind, you can enjoy your hoop(s) way more, so YOU can stay healthy and happy and hooping successfully!

∞ Bonus trade secret #1:
Yes you can make your own hoops from materials from the hardware store. Here’s the thing though–those of us who’ve been making them professionally for a long time have these advantages:

+we can buy in bulk, because we use a lot
+professional good quality/and a variety selection of tape is really pricey unless you buy a big order and get a discount
+we’ve learned a lot about doing the job well and right–and all those little experience tweaks can make all the difference in the world in your hooping enjoyment!

∞Bonus trade secret #2:
It takes a lot of time, effort, coordination and practice to make good hoops. We’re more in it for the joy of sharing it with others, than the making a huge profit from them (which fyi, just isn’t the case).

∞Bonus Hoop Type/Tubing Info:
There are many tubing materials that can be used for hoops. (They used to be made out of wood and vines long before we had plastic!)

Black PE tubing (Polyethylene/irrigation)
Measured by Inside diameter and is heavier and sturdy. A collapsible hoop for this type of tubing is made in a “figure 8” or “infinity” style.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) tubing
Usually a milky white (it can come in colors) and is measured by Outside diameter. Very sturdy. A little lighter than the black PE tubing. A collapsible hoop can coil in on itself (gently) twice and reconnect with a slide connector (friction fit) or push button connector. Measured by outside diameter.

Polypro (Polypropylene) tubing
A more clear/slightly opaque tubing (it does eventually scuff and cloud more if left untaped–and this is also available in colors). The travel collapsible polypro hoop can condense the same way as an HDPE hoop. Measured by outside diameter.

Che Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla humorous hoop dance fitness classes, hoops, performancesHoop Etiquette:

1.) Always ask first to use someone’s hoop(s). Why?? It’s nice. Plus, some are really expensive (like a pro hooper’s $400+ LED hoop!). And you can easily damage things without knowing it. (We get really bummed when we’ve spent hours creating a beautiful new hoop, to have someone shred all that gorgeous expensive tape on concrete or knocks out grandma’s cane while she’s doing the electric slide).

2.) Take classes. You learn technique, body safety, and neat tricks! And though we all like YouTube and dvds, they can’t give you any feedback to help you improve at your frustrating points and grow into a better, more well-rounded (ha ha) skilled hooper…in a shorter period of time. Plus you actually MEET people who are cool, nice, creative and sometimes wacky, kooky fun! And THAT creates community 🙂

3.) Buy locally or hand made hoops. You help support bringing joy to the world from the microcosm level–and we all really appreciate that. Plus we want to continue doing what we do and helping others. (Ditto for classes, workshops, and events).

4.) Be careful when hooping around small children and pets. Your waist level may be their eye level.

5.) “Flow/Spin Jams” are a perfect place for practice, flowing, jamming and sharing. They are not a class (unless they say so), though you may learn some really cool things here and there from others. Do let teachers get in their own zone/flow/groove. It might be the one chance they get to cut loose and work on new stuff. And you can see an example of their work and support them in their classes, as they support you in teaching you new cool stuff.

6.) You’ll drop the hoop, and that’s ok. It’s the sound of trying and learning something new! This is an infamous Hip The Hoopla motto and practice: Have a “Happy Hoop Glee Word” that you can yell out, instead of a swear word.
+ It’s way more positive on your own psyche, + it double’s as a word to encourage others around you, and + it’s much safer around small children…who seem to be magnetized, hypnotized and attracted to happy hoops and hoopers!

$$ Money-Saving Hoop Tip $$:

Hip The Hoopla Supports the following fellow Colorado Companies for LED Hoops and flow props.


Astral Hoops-For a credit toward your LED (lighted) hoop order (through Astral Hoops), Please use this link:
Astral Hoops are known for their high technology LEDs.

Colorado Hula Hoops – Use the discount code “HipTheHoopla” and receive 10% off on your order! Very economical to get a gorgeous professionally made hoop–LED, poly pro, HDPE, and even colored poly pro, too! Colorado Hula Hoops are known for their very affordable pro LED hoops.

Hoopnotica-get 15% off with my code: http://hoopnotica.refr.cc/KXCMHRM
They have some good instructional dvd’s we’d recommend.

Hip The Hoopla-humorous hula hoop dance fitness classes with Laughter Yoga, www.HipThe Hoopla.com, Che@HipTheHoopla.com, 303-980-6295. Call or e-mail now for your custom Hip The Hoopla professional hoop-many styles, sizes, materials and tapes to choose from. It’s hard to stop at one!
Hoops and classes make great gifts, plus gift certificates are available, too.



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Measured by outside diameter.