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About Hooping

What is a Hoop/Hooping/Hoop Dance/A Hula Hoop?

Hoop dancing isn’t the little Whammo brand tiny kid’s hula hoop you might have tried as a child. Now it’s an an all-age, multi-level activity. There’s on-body and off body “tricks” that are fun to learn and try.

Fun Facts:

  • Did you know that Hooping has made a huge comeback?!
  • Hooping can burn a lot of calories: 400-800 calories an hour–depending on your tempo, range of movement, hoop size and type of hooping. Plus: adding Laughter Yoga into the mix can really boost your cell oxygenation, metabolism, and endorphins, too!
  • Almost anyone with a desire to have fun, can hoop: Kids, adults, folks with issues to work out…the list goes on and on. So many people have found healing with hooping-the stories and testimonials are endless.
  • There are many sizes and weights of hoops, depending on your goals and needs. A good instructor can help you determine what to start with easily, and move into, as your skill level increases.
  • Generally, hoops are a round, plastic objects. But some really creative folks make them out of metal, wood, rope, etc. There’s even fire hooping–which you need to have safety training in first, as it can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing with experts around!
  • I can have most folks hooping within 5-10 minutes. The rest is practice, learning, and having fun. What you’ll gain with Hip the Hoopla is a variety of new skills, how to incorporate dance movement and developing your own personal style, to move beyond the basics!
  • The trick to successful hooping: having fun and laughing while you learn. You will drop it.  You will smile, giggle and laugh. And you’ll learn more when you do!
  • Enjoy and come out and play with us www.HipTheHoopla.com!

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